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Do you move furniture?   

We can move a small amount of furniture. Maybe one lounge or a bed. However, it will cost you extra if you require us to move all your beds, lounges, tables, chairs, TV cabinets etc. This is because it takes us more time and often results in the job taking twice as long to complete. In order for you to benifit from our great pricing you will need to move furniture as we clean other areas or pay a little extra for us to do the work.  

Will my carpet look new again?  

You can’t make carpet look new again if it has been well used and worn. Imagine if you had a shirt which you walked on everyday for 6 months without washing it. Could you make that look new again? Obviously not. It’s the same with carpet. Carpet is a fibre that can be damaged and worn. In fact, you can soak a shirt in a bucket for hours and put it in a washing machine. You can’t do that with carpet. Even when you look at concrete you can see that it doesn’t look new after a while. How much more your carpet.


Do all the stains come out?  

Most stains come out with the initial clean and the carpets look great. However, if you have stains that do not come out with the standard steam cleaning process then it will cost you more. These include stains from makeup, candle wax, shoe polish, ink, kids slime, and other such stains. This will cost extra because it obviously takes longer. Sometimes stains will take much longer then the standard carpet clean and therefore cost you more then what it costs to steam clean the room. Stains can be quoted before work commences. 

Will you take your shoes off inside?  

No. We will not be taking our shoes off inside. This is because we are cleaning your carpets and the carpets will get wet. Neither will we wear your “house slippers”, this is for personal hygiene purposes. Since we are cleaning your carpet you should have no problems. If you are hygiene conscious then you can mop all other areas after we leave.